Our Mission Statement

We are Lee County volunteers dedicated to protect, monitor, observe and educate our public regarding the contribution that birds make to the delicate balance of our ecosystem in the Lee County parks and Conservation 20/20 acquisitions. Link to brochure with maps, access and recreation information.

Who We Are

The Lee County Bird Patrol is a group of volunteers who like to watch and identify birds and are willing to count those birds and turn the count over to the property’s manager for Lee County. We wear badges to identify us as volunteers and are part of the Lee County Volunteer Services. 

What We Do

We provide a data base (using eBird) for the Lee County Parks and Conservation 20/20 properties on how many birds of each species use these properties. The important information we gather aids the County in making decisions about the future plans for these properties.

Lee County Ordinance 18-12

We fully comply with all county ordinances, specifically Lee County Ordinance 18-12 (as amended) which addresses conduct in the parks and preserves. “No person shall lure or call-in wildlife, by any means, including the use of vocalizations and digital means to attract any wildlife, except as authorized by the Director or designee.”