Do We Need More Volunteers?

Many 20/20 properties have never been investigated or inventoried. Information about wildlife, as well as plants, is critical in making the best decision on how to respond to these properties. We need new volunteers with good field identification skills to take on these new areas. 

Here are some things you’ll want to think about:

-What bird group or groups do you feel most comfortable identifying 
(ie, wading, shorebirds, warblers)?

-In what area of the county would you prefer to work?

-2020 sites possess different degrees of improvement in terms of access. Trail systems range from primitive to reasonably well-maintained. There are also more manicured properties (like County parks). What are your expectations and needs?

-Is distance walking a factor (some sites are a couple of miles long)?

What Bird Patrol asks from volunteers:

-Volunteers are expected to visit properties once a month and write down species and numbers seen.

-Volunteers input their data into eBird.

-Bird Patrol offers guided tours at Lakes Park and Bunche Beach and encourages volunteers to consider leading one.

-Have LOTS OF FUN!!!

If you decide to join Bird Patrol:

-Look at the link “Territories” to find out what is available. Each preserve link has information on the site, plus a Wildlife List that will reveal the birds present. You’ll want to be able to identify most of them. Some territories don’t have bird lists – you’ll be the first to document!

-Contact Gayle to let us know you are interested.

-We encourage you to attend our tours or go birding with other volunteers to get to know us better.

-There is also an application process required by Lee County Parks and Recreation. Go to https://www.leegov.com/parks/volunteers to get started.